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Buying a sofa can sometimes be a difficult choice, you have to think about the size, the fabric, the color and so there are still some aspects. In our stores we have various sizes of sofas and armchairs. Most corner benches also consist of different elements, allowing you to create your own sofa. Are you looking for a 2-seater sofa or a generous corner sofa? The possibilities are endless! In addition, for most sofas we have a wide choice of fabric and leather samples that allow you to tailor the sofa to the rest of your interior.

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    Relaxing armchair Indi

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    Sofa Livio

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    Armchair Jurgen

  • Product image

    Sofa Sassari

  • Product image

    Sofa Summer

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    Relax Armchair Deliza

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    Relax Armchair Indi (Outdoor)

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    Sofa Valmont

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    Armchair Bibi

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    Armchair Duke

  • Armchair Baldessari

  • -42%
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    SALE – Armchair Geneve incl. Hocker


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