Purchasing a sofa can sometimes be a difficult choice, you have to think about the size, the fabric, the color and there are a number of other aspects. We have various sizes of sofas in our furniture stores. Most corner sofas also consist of different elements, so you can put together your own sofa. Are you looking for a 2-seater sofa or a spacious corner sofa? The possibilities are endless! In addition, we have a wide selection of fabric and leather samples for most sofas that you can use to match the sofa to the rest of your interior.

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  • Sofa River Lounge

  • Sofa Weaver

  • Sofa Residenza (Set of 2)

  • Sofa Pommeline

  • Sofa Zico

  • Sofa Alberto

  • Sofa Livio

  • Sofa Solution Dubbel

  • Sofa Grande

  • Sofa Shadow

  • Chaise Longue Roza

  • Sofa Norah


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