Wall and coffee tables

Wall tables are often used to put things on top to complement the interior. Coffee tables are extremely practical tables. Coffee tables are usually given a prominent place in the living room, so it is important that they fit in well with your interior. For that reason, De Pagter Interieurs also has many different wall and coffee tables that can be used for multiple interiors.

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    Old Pine Coffee Table

  • Product image

    Old Pine Coffee Table

  • Product image

    Antique Chinese Counter

  • Product image

    Old Pine Coffee Table Pointed Leg

  • Product image

    Coffee Table Henley

  • Product image

    Old Pine Wall Table Tree Trunk

  • Old Pine Wall Table

  • Product image

    Coffee Table Tree Trunk OId Pine

  • Coffee Table De Soto

  • Product image

    Coffee Table Capri

  • Product image

    Wall Table Antique Workbench

  • Product image

    Hardwood Wall Table


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